Are you an insurer or an Assistance?

  • Find doctors all over Greece
  • Same forms and medical reports from our members
  • Fast sending of documents even in one hour in great quality (via email)
  • Save time and money by using our network and services. Contact Salamed and we will do the rest.
  • Able to find a doctor through our site even on a map
  • Qualitative services provided to all patients
  • GDPR Compliance! Feel free and safe with data sharing!
  • Our software could interact with yours in order to save time and eliminate mistakes.
  • Our services are free for Insurers.
  • E-invoicing easier than ever! The moment doctor receives a GOP, an invoice is being created and can be send to your company via email, in hours.
  • Access to our specialized software (future option) – Provides real time patient records, documents needed and many more features making your job easier. As if you are in our offices the very same moment that a case is being recorded.